Why I can’t login to the extension using my Google Account?


As you know, GA4BQ uses Google login in order to support all the features that the extension offers. In some cases, clicking the Signup button doesn’t work, and the login popup seems to be blocked.

If you’re using Chrome browser

Google Chrome does not block extensions from using Google login, but in some very rare cases it’s just not working. Usually these old-school methods might do the trick:

  • Re-install the extension.
  • Make sure your Chrome is up-to-date.
  • Clear cache, cookies, etc.

If you’re using Edge browser

Although Edge works on Chromium engine, and theoretically speaking, should support Chrome extensions, it still requires a dedicated Edge version of GA44BQ. So, as for now, you cannot use GA4BQ on Edge.

If you’re using Brave browser

By default, Brave browser blocks extensions from using Google login. To enable it, go to Settings->Extensions, and turn on “Allow Google login for extensions“. That should do the work.